Mensch! Guru

Da Herr Guru und sei Gschicht

is mehr ois nur a Schmähgedicht.

I hoff, dass eich ned zu sehr wunderts.

Des Lebn is hoid scho‘ ziemlich woas bsunders.

sense of life guru darkroom

An Körper tuats mochmoi

goar sehr weit aussi plogn.

Gott sei Donk hots meina ertrogn.

Am End kunnt er zwar nur mehr klogn,

doch hot gwunna für Lebzeit an gfütn Mogn.

Sei Berufung is somit no long ned begrobn.

Jetzt tuat er heut mi ois Guru rumtrogn.

02:07 E.A.H. 2017

When the search begins…

 …I swing my ding and let the bells ring.

Here it comes and there he goes

its all about the metaflows!


I kept winning

at the beginning.

Just until the start

I felt myself too smart.


I cast my neurones

for the other side.

It was more

than the grasp

for a furious ride.

After 9 years of feeling sad

and nearly getting mad

I tried to throw

schools loath ahead.

sense of life guru

Thereby I got rid of examens dread.

So I jumped from hardship to plight

with the hope to find light.

sense of life guru

I dipped into the University of Vienna

and lived the life of an Homeslide Penndler.

Although I often fucked up after adolescence.

sense of life guru

I mostly searched for a greater sense.

 sense of life guru

Next I felt bitten by snake and nearly got wake.

For God’s sake!

It felt much more than a neuronal shake.

So  I kept still believing,

although the way back was grieving.

Maybe this can be it.

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