When the search begins…

 …I swing my ding and let the bells ring.

Here it comes and there he goes

its all about the metaflows!


I kept winning

at the beginning.

Just until the start

I felt myself too smart.


I cast my neurones

for the other side.

It was more

than the grasp

for a furious ride.

After 9 years of feeling sad

and nearly getting mad

I tried to throw

schools loath ahead.

sense of life guru

Thereby I got rid of examens dread.

So I jumped from hardship to plight

with the hope to find light.

sense of life guru

I dipped into the University of Vienna

and lived the life of an Homeslide Penndler.

Although I often fucked up after adolescence.

sense of life guru

I mostly searched for a greater sense.

 sense of life guru

Next I felt bitten by snake and nearly got wake.

For God’s sake!

It was much more than a neuronal shake.

So  I kept still believing,

in a wonderful life

wide weg from bleeding.

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_E.A.H. 30|03|2017 +